Hair Removal


What is Hair Removal?
Body hair is an aesthetic concern for both men and women. GSD offers safe, effective, innovative solutions for permanent hair removal. Our treatment compatible with all skin and hair types.

Treatment Options
There are a variety of options available for hair removal, and many over the counter options, although most are not permanent. Permanent hair reduction can only be achieved through the application of energy directly to the hair follicle. Usually now the most popular ways are: intense pulse light and 810nm diode laser technologies.

How does it work?
The intense pulse light (GSD PTF , GSD sPTF+ , Ultralite) penetrates deep into skin tissue and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, producing photothermal effect, conducting the heat energy from hair section to the hair root, which raises the temperature of the follicle rapidly. The hair follicle is now finally coagulated, therefore, reaching the desired effect of hair reduction.

Maximum frequency of 10HZ 810nm uniform diode laser beam penetrate through epidermis into the dermis and is then absorbed by melanin in the hair and hair follicle, producing photothermal effect, conducting the energy from hair section to hair root, rising temperature of melanin and decomposing it. Thus reaching effect of hair removal.