Eximal EliteRestore · Revive · Reborn


  • 308nm Excimer UV-light for Vitiligo and Psoriasis
  • Big light spot/ High energy
  • Small Size, Lower Weight, Effective ROI
  • Portability, Pain free, No side effects


308nm Excimer UV-light is single-rate excimer light by using XeCI as illumination, to induce T cells apoptosis and improve pigment synthesis, which proved to be effective for many skin diseases with accurate treatments. It is regarded as the most effective way to treat Vitiligo, Psoriasis and other skin diseases because of the excellent efficacy, short treatment.Eximal Elite is possible to selectively treat lesions, even when extensive, in only a few seconds without involving the healthy skin. The total irradiation is reduced to a minimum, combining the great therapeutic benefits of this wavelength with the safety of limited exposure to ultraviolet rays. A few weeks’treatment eliminates symptoms for several months. Treatment is extremely well tolerated, painless and with hardly any impact on the patient’s working and social activities.The system’s smaller size, lower weight and ease of use make it more flexible than an excimer laser. Its comparatively low acquisition and operating costs make it more cost-effective.


Coolite Evo, evolved from Coolite Pro, is the new generation of Fiber Coupled Diode laser system. With super long life span and the new added system of skin rejuvenation, Coolite Evo creates higher return on investment, besides hair removal treatments. Patients will experience much faster and more comfortable treatments, thanks to the enhanced laser power and larger spot size.

Evolve your business by providing more than laser hair removal treatments and benefit from rapid return on investment.


  • Laser Type
  • Wavelength 308nm±2nm
  • Laser Power
  • Pulse Width
  • Energy Density 50~4500mJ/cm2
  • Shot Frequency


  • Skin Type
  • Areas


  • Normal
  • Cooling Temperature


  • Spot Size
  • Dimension 496*470*325 mm
  • Weight 39KG